Torii’s Platform Helps Businesses Manage their SaaS Applications More Efficiently

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The Torii platform helps businesses better manage their SaaS applications. By automating tedious manual processes and tasks, Torii provides businesses with a more efficient approach to managing their applications.

Recently, Torii announced a new funding round of $50 million led by Tiger Global, that will help the company continue to develop their platform and expand its reach in the SaaS management space. We’ll discuss this funding announcement more in this article.

Overview of Torii Platform

Torii is an enterprise-grade SaaS management platform that enables teams to better manage, monitor, and analyze their entire suite of cloud applications from a single, intuitive interface. The platform makes it simple for teams to keep track of usage across hundreds of services, set up automatic usage monitoring for cost optimization and compliance, and analyze the performance of their applications. Torii is designed to meet the needs of businesses in several different industries, from banking to retail.

Torii’s platform offers features such as usage monitoring to help teams understand how their SaaS application is being used and spot areas where they can reduce costs while staying compliant with industry regulations. Users can also enjoy application performance tracking, which allows them to monitor the day-to-day performance of all their cloud apps in one place and access historical data going back several months or even years depending on the product version. This feature helps track usage over time to optimize user experience while remaining within budget constraints. Furthermore, an AI-driven process automation feature helps suggest ways in which users can optimize operations by streamlining processes across all applications automatically — reducing manual effort and improving service levels. Finally, other advanced features like Slack integration allow teams to be aware when alerts are triggered by events or any changes that take place allowing them to take swift action if needed.

Recently, Torii raised $50 million led by Tiger Global for its unified cloud SaaS management platform. It provides access to one trillion services monthly from 25 countries, offering its products internationally at competitive prices. In addition, with improved features designed for modern businesses, Torii provides users with up-to-date data, enabling them more efficient control over their enterprise software packages designed for large and small companies.

Torii raises $50 million led by Tiger Global for automated SaaS management platform

Torii, a platform that helps businesses manage their SaaS applications, recently announced it raised $50 million in series C funding, led by Tiger Global. This will help the company accelerate product development and expand its operations globally, bringing its total funding to $79 million since its launch in 2014.

Torii assists companies of all sizes to purchase and manage their Software as a Service (SaaS) applications more efficiently. It provides services such as negotiating with vendors to maximize savings, independent application discovery capabilities, detailed analytics of existing and new products (including points of failure), automated compliance auditing ability and consolidated billing across providers. Tori’s goal is to become the go-to platform for companies to discover, purchase and manage their cloud-based application needs within a single service provider at a fraction of the market price.

As businesses move away from traditional application suites towards SaaS applications delivered on the cloud; Torii looks forward to offering customers more features combined with improved global coverage as they scale up their operations for continued success.

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Benefits of Torii Platform

Torii is a SaaS (Software as a Service) management platform developed to help businesses better manage and optimize their applications. This platform is powered by AI and provides enterprises with enhanced visibility and control into their SaaS applications with automated lifecycle management.

This platform allows businesses to leverage the latest technologies, such as machine learning and natural language processing, to save time and money.

This section will dive into the benefits of using the Torii platform.

Automated SaaS Management

Torii is an automated Software as a Service (SaaS) management platform enabling businesses to manage their SaaS investments better. The platform uses sophisticated features to help reduce manual and complicated processes associated with SaaS application management. By automating tedious tasks, businesses can free up more time to focus on their core objectives and expand the scope of their operations.

Torii’s platform offers powerful automation through its integrated workflow capabilities, making it easier for businesses to run multiple SaaS applications in parallel and control their spending. With Torii, users can access detailed financial analytics monitoring usage trends and monthly expenditure across multiple SaaS applications. This enables them to evaluate data and make informed decisions about which applications deliver optimal value for money and best serve the business’ long-term needs.

The platform also provides users with powerful optimization techniques designed to ensure efficient consumption of resources. This helps businesses save costs without sacrificing performance or quality. In addition, Torii monitors usage over time to help identify areas of potential risk or opportunities for improvement to help business owners avoid any potential problems before they arise. By leveraging many of these features, users can gain insights into their application utilization levels more quickly and accurately with reduced effort. This can equate to significant cost savings over time when smart decisions are made about software investments with key data points provided by the platform in place.

Cost Savings

When utilizing the Torii platform businesses can benefit from cost savings on SaaS management. Torii’s cloud-based software makes tracking and managing a company’s SaaS applications easier, by providing detailed analytics and insights that help optimize a company’s usage of their applications to reduce unnecessary costs.

This is especially useful for companies with large or growing SaaS portfolios, as businesses that employ multiple applications with recurring payments or high usage fees often need help managing the bounty of data and expense tracking associated with these services. Utilizing Torii’s automated features allows companies to see how their money is spent, saving them wasted money going towards unnecessary features or redundant subscriptions for similar products.

Also, through integrations with third-party software, Torii offers capabilities to bundle all billing information into one concise cost sheet, allowing for better pricing visibility across different departments. This provides added transparency into individual application spending and helps managers easily allocate funds while understanding where they are needed most. By providing granular control over the entire SaaS stack, businesses gain access to an unprecedented level of financial data that can be used to maximize resources and minimize waste – ultimately leading them to preserve their bottom line while still having access to all the tools they need.

Improved Efficiency

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The Torii Platform provides businesses various tools and features to improve their SaaS application management processes. It is designed to be a one-stop-shop for all their SaaS needs and can organize, manage, and deploy applications across multiple cloud environments in minutes. This helps businesses optimize the ROI of their SaaS investments by streamlining the process of provisioning, monitoring, and managing these applications.

The platform offers an intuitive interface that allows users to easily view detailed metrics about their applications and assess the health of deployed services. In addition, it gives them real-time insights into resource utilization and cost savings opportunities so that they can adjust resources or pause/resume services when needed for maximum efficiency. Furthermore, Torii Platform integrates with identity management systems like Okta; allowing businesses to take advantage of existing authentication methods and reduce complexity when setting up new accounts.

By leveraging the abilities offered by Torii Platform, businesses can quickly identify problems in their SaaS application stack and make necessary changes to ensure optimal performance. Not only does this help them save time on labor costs associated with routine maintenance tasks, it also allows them to make decisions based on complete visibility into the system health metrics instead of unverified assumptions or guesswork. Lastly, using the built-in best practices compliance tools reduces risk significantly when it comes to compliance requirements making it easier than ever for companies to adhere to industry standards without any major changes in practice or process.

Features of Torii Platform

Torii is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses to efficiently manage their SaaS applications. This platform helps companies better manage their SaaS operations, optimize their spend and get the most out of their applications.

Torii recently raised a $50 million Series A led by Tiger Global.

Let’s explore the features of Torii’s platform and how it can help organizations manage their SaaS applications.

Cloud-based Platform

Torii provides a cloud-based platform that helps businesses to effectively manage their Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. This platform offers various features, such as automated rollout of new software, financial management, compliance and governance controls. The platform also supports custom business processes and analytics.

The user interface of Torii is easy to use and easily guides users through setting up SaaS applications for employees. It is filled with all the tools that help businesses manage their software efficiently, such as usage optimization, patching management and version control. It also provides real-time insights into application performance to simplify the process further.

Using Torii’s Private Network Access technology, businesses can easily set up private links between their SaaS applications and on-premise or cloud-hosted resources. This helps decrease latency for critical operations that require data to cross multiple networks. In addition, with Torii’s usage optimization technology, companies can quickly identify underutilized applications to take appropriate action to ensure maximum cost savings on their SaaS expenditure.

In addition to these features and technologies, Torii includes role-based access control (RBAC), distributed application monitoring capabilities and successfully integrates with various third party systems such as identity providers (IdPs), Active Directory and more. Furthermore, leveraging the power of AI algorithms powered by machine learning techniques allows enterprises to maximize efficiency across all types of SaaS infrastructure while maintaining security throughout the entire process. This makes it easier for companies to seamlessly maintain cost effectiveness while ensuring optimal performance across their applications.

Automated Deployment

Torii’s rich features provide a comprehensive and automated deployment process for managing SaaS applications. Torii automates routine processes like account on-boarding, billing, running discovery operations, and setting up user permissions.

Additionally, the platform automates user provisioning and profiles management tasks. This enables businesses to save time, money and effort while deploying their applications and attain end-to-end control over their SaaS management process.

Moreover, the platform helps businesses quickly identify inactive users, enabling them to optimize the costs of running unused accounts. Additionally, admins can use Torii’s multi-tenant management capability for seamless access control across applications managed by Torii. Lastly, the platform provides proactive notifications about relevant changes like cost summaries, enabling administrators to take timely actions with the latest information.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Torii’s comprehensive dashboard provides a centralized view of your organization’s SaaS applications, including data usage, security settings, integration points, and billing history so you can make informed decisions about your cloud operations.

Get insight into application performance, compliance status and user details to ensure that your organization is always running securely and efficiently. In addition, the simple interface makes it easy to monitor usage across all of your SaaS applications in one place.

Quickly identify areas where you need to take action or stay updated with the latest app trends. For example, carve out time-saving insights into application upgrades or understand the total cost of ownership for specific applications so you can make data-driven decisions about when and how to scale up your services.

Use Cases of Torii Platform

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The Torii platform helps businesses effectively manage their software as a service applications, simplifying their workflow and helping them save time and money.

It is a powerful tool that can automate many tasks such as monitoring and tracking SaaS usage, identifying unused licenses, and helping with compliance management.

In this section we will explore the various use cases of the Torii platform and see how businesses are leveraging it to streamline their SaaS operations.

Automated Provisioning

Automatic provisioning is a process enabled by Torii’s automated SaaS operations platform that allows businesses to streamline the onboarding process for their users. It allows companies to quickly and easily allocate access to applications, collaboration groups, and shared resources across different domains. This saves companies time and effort that would otherwise be spent manually provisioning SaaS applications over multiple domains. Automated provisioning also helps eliminate the errors associated with manual input and can greatly reduce the amount of time needed for onboarding new users.

With Torii, businesses can easily set up automated rules-based policies to manage how their users access resources or interact with one another. Automation also ensures a consistent user experience across all channels while eliminating the need for complex manual scripting or coding workflows. With these capabilities, businesses can focus more on securing user experience by providing granular access controls and monitoring access patterns over time.

Automated Monitoring

Torii’s platform helps businesses gain visibility and control across their SaaS applications through automated monitoring. Coupled with a powerful analytics engine, this platform enables companies to quickly detect and resolve issues across their SaaS deployment stack. The platform also allows users to monitor usage, performance and security of all the subscribed services, ensuring uninterrupted business operations while minimizing service downtime.

Furthermore, businesses can take advantage of Torii’s AI-assisted capacity planning feature which provides insights into future demand for cloud resources as a function of usage patterns for each application deployed in their cloud environment. Torii’s solutions also enable users to trackSaaS costs and highlight considerable savings opportunities based on usage trends for each component of their environment. This enables them to choose the most cost-effective SaaS solutions available in the market that would meet business requirements without compromising reliability and performance.

Automated Maintenance

The Torii platform provides businesses with automated maintenance, allowing them to manage their SaaS applications more efficiently and cost-effectively. This enables businesses to free up resources and have a more streamlined workflow.

The platform automates configuration management, monitoring, deployment and updates for SaaS applications, making it easier for companies to keep their software up-to-date. It also has features that allow for automated backups and error reporting. With these features, companies can ensure their applications run smoothly without constantly monitoring them manually.

In addition, the platform enables easy tracking of usage data that provides valuable insights on how users engage with the application, helping businesses to optimize their SaaS product’s performance and usability.

Overall, the Torii platform increases productivity while reducing maintenance costs associated with managing SaaS applications.


With Torii’s raised funds for the automated SaaS management platform, businesses of all sizes can gain much more comfort when managing their software applications. The platform enables businesses to manage customer onboarding, customer success, billing, subscription management and customer analytics more efficiently.

Let us now come to a conclusion and evaluate the full potential of this platform.

Summary of Investment and Benefits

Torii, an automated software-as-a-service (SaaS) management platform, recently closed a $50 million Series B funding round led by Tiger Global. The current round brings the company’s total funding to over $75 million.

Torii helps businesses save time and money by automating the management of their SaaS applications and usage data. Through its platform, it can help businesses keep track of their SaaS bills and optimize expenses while providing visibility into usage trends, locate inactive users and accounts, set up single sign on capabilities across multiple SaaS applications (and its integrations with identity providers), detect rogue application usage or billing errors, grant access to employees or sub-contractors in one step as well as other ongoing management tasks.

The new capital injection provides Torii with the resources needed for further product development and accelerating growth across North America and Europe. In addition, having successfully secured its new funding round, Torii is now better positioned to serve its customers through automation, enabling them to gain new efficiency benefits from their SaaS applications—bringing agility and cost savings to business operations.

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